How to Choose a Cremation Provider

flowers-on-graveOne of the most important decisions when considering cremation services is the selection of a cremation provider. Understanding the policies and practices of a cremation facility is crucial to understanding and peace of mind for you and your family.

There are many options to consider when choosing a cremation provider in the metro Atlanta area. At Southern Cremations & Funerals at Cheatham Hill in Marietta, GA, we provide advance-planning solutions that provide comfort for families following the passing of a loved one.

Types of Cremation Providers in North Georgia

Many funeral and cremation providers do not offer the accessibility and comfort of performing memorial services and cremation within the same facility. Professional end-of-life care providers are typically categorized into one of two types:

Traditional care providers

Traditional funeral homes provide families with on-site services, such as viewing rooms, a chapel, casket selection, and embalming facilities. However, many traditional funeral homes do not provide on-site cremation services, and may rely on a third party for these services.

Non-traditional care providers

Non-traditional care providers typically do not provide the on-site facilities of traditional funeral homes, but arrange for services to be completed by outside sources. Non-traditional care providers may decrease the high-quality services you and your family require throughout the grieving process.

Southern Cremations & Funerals at Cheatham Hill in Marietta, GA provides a 100% transparent, full-service facility for individuals and families considering cremation. Our complete cremation services ensure that your loved one never leaves our care.

What to Consider When Choosing a Cremation Provider

When considering a cremation provider, the following questions may help you understand the services you and your family will receive:

Does the cremation provider own and operate their own crematorium?

If the provider performs cremation services on their premises, a tour of the facilities can provide valuable information about the staff and facility. During the tour, you and your family learn how the staff cares for the departed throughout the cremation process.

Is the staff professionally certified, and does the facility operate under federal cremation regulations?

The Cremation Association of North America, as well as the federal and state governments, require cremation providers to be professionally certified and uphold the highest level of respect, dignity and compassion when caring for the departed and their families.

Does the staff provide a comforting atmosphere and knowledgeable cremation advice?

Understanding end-of-life care is often very difficult for grieving families, and many seek advice from their end-of-life care providers. Choosing cremation services from caring, knowledgeable providers ensures the comfort of you and your family.

Is a list of transparent pricing available for cremation services?

When evaluating cremation providers, request pricing lists for cremation services and available merchandise. Trustworthy crematoriums will provide this information with no hesitation, as this is a requirement by law.

Will the cremation provider accommodate you and your family’s requests and desires?

Compassionate cremation providers should be willing to accommodate your special requests and desires for cremation and memorialization services, including the time and location of any memorial service, religious or military needs, or any personal preferences your family may desire.

Visit Southern Cremations & Funerals at Cheatham Hill

At Southern Cremations & Funerals at Cheatham Hill, we provide 100% transparent cremation services with up-front pricing, professional and respectful service, and knowledgeable guidance. On our premises, you and your family will find our own well-maintained crematorium, where loved ones are cremated alone, ensuring the ashes you receive are those of your loved one.  Cheatham Hill Memorial Park and Cascading Waters Cremation Garden provide final interment options, and our services include memorialization ceremonies.

If you are considering cremation as an end-of-life decision, we invite you and your family to visit our cremation and memorialization facilities in Marietta, GA.