About Cremation

An alternative to burial, cremation is simply one way to prepare your loved one for memorialization and remembrance. Cremation services at Southern Cremations & Funerals at Cheatham Hill provide trustworthy support for families and individuals seeking cremation.

Our highly-qualified staff provides valuable advice in a comforting, compassionate atmosphere. We understand your need for lasting tributes, and our selection of cremation urns, containers and memorialization services offer you and your family personalized commemoration of your loved one.

Is Cremation Right for You & Your Loved Ones?

Many individuals and families choose cremation for various personal reasons, including:

Fulfilling a loved one’s wishes.

Our loved ones may verbalize their desires to be cremated, or they may express these wishes within their last Will and Testament.

Loved one’s request for scattering.

Individuals requesting the scattering of their ashes may choose a favorite place, such as at sea, a beautiful garden, or a familiar scenic spot. Scattering often becomes a symbol of peace, adventure, or freedom for family members.

Religious beliefs.

Some Eastern cultures celebrate cremation, while some Western religions may choose cremation due to the body’s natural return to the earth.

Environmental concerns.

Cremation requires the consumption of less land, protects our forests and offers a cleaner alternative than traditional burial. Find more information about the environmental impact of cremation here:

Fear of entombment or burial.

Cremation is a welcome alternative for individuals who fear the concept of being entombed or buried.

Memorializing Your Loved Ones

Our services at Southern Cremations & Funerals at Cheatham Hill offer final interment options in Cheatham Hill Memorial Park or Cascading Waters Cremation Garden. Our funeral coordinators can also work with you and your family to arrange final interment in a family mausoleum or columbarium. These options provide a lasting legacy for your loved ones following cremation.

Visit Southern Cremations & Funerals at Cheatham Hill

At Southern Cremations & Funerals at Cheatham Hill, we understand that the passing of a loved one is a difficult experience, and we aim to provide comfort and compassion during your time of grief. Our services include complete cremation care, from transportation to final interment.

Our state-of-the-art facility in Marietta, GA provides 100% transparency with knowledgeable advice, respectful and professional service, and straightforward pricing. Our crematorium is located on our premises, which ensures that your loved one remains in our trusted care throughout the entire cremation process.

We invite you and your family to schedule a tour of our facilities at Southern Cremations & Funerals at Cheatham Hill by completing our online contact form or via telephone at (770) 766-5067.