Urns and Products

At Southern Cremations & Funerals at Cheatham Hill in Marietta, we believe that the way that the way that we choose to memorialize our loved ones – or ourselves –is just as important as the lives that we live. We have a selection of urns and other memorial products available to fit your unique needs and preferences.

In the case of cremation, you will need two separate containers: one to preserve and shelter your loved one before cremation and during a memorial service, and one hold your loved one’s remains after cremation.

Cremation Caskets and Containers

Traditional Ceremonial CasketFamilies who wish to hold a visitation or memorial service before cremation may choose from our selection of elegant hardwood and ceremonial caskets. These containers will hold your loved one before and during cremation.

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Urns and Keepsakes

Mother of Pearl Full Size Cremation UrnSouthern Cremations & Funerals at Cheatham Hill offers a variety of elegant urns to preserve the cremated remains of a loved one. Depending on your personal needs or preferences, you may choose from a selection of urns intended for burial, scattering, or placement in the home.

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Memorial Jewelry

SterlingSilverRemembranceRibbonSome families may choose to honor the memory of a loved one by retaining a small portion of cremated remains in a piece of memorial jewelry. We offer a selection of bracelets, pendants, and charms to help you memorialize your loved one.

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For more information about our urns and containers, please contact Southern Cremations & Funerals at Cheatham Hill at (770) 424-1111, or fill out our online contact form.