Touching Ways to Remember Your Loved One All Year

Memorial Ideas

The team at Southern Cremations & Funerals understands the importance of honoring a loved one after their passing and ensuring their memory lives on. That’s why we work to ensure that our grounds, columbarium, and cremation garden are private, serene, and beautiful spaces for families and loved ones to come and remember the life and memories they shared with departed loved one.

However, in addition to visiting our facilities, there are a number of ways you can honor and remember your loved one at every special occasion and milestone throughout the year with these memorial ideas.

Ways to Honor a Loved One on Holidays

Holidays can often be a difficult time after the loss of a loved one. As families gather and spend time together as part of an annual tradition, finding ways to remember and memorialize your lost loved ones can create new family traditions.

Incorporating a favorite recipe into holiday meals can be a wonderful way to remember a departed loved one. Or, cooking a favorite cookie or dessert to enjoy while decorating or during celebrations can ensure your loved one’s memory is present, even when they couldn’t be.

Memorial Ideas on the Deceased’s Special Days

Especially in the first year after a loss, it is important to recognize and honor the important days of a loved one’s life, such as wedding anniversaries, birthdays and the anniversary of their passing. These days can often bring up a wealth of memories and a mix of feelings, such as sadness, nostalgia and others.

It is important to remember that you are not alone and gathering with other family members can be very helpful in the healing process. You may want to plan a lunch, dinner or happy hour to celebrate the life and memories of your loved one with others who loved them too. Ask family and friends to bring favorite photos, recount funny stories, and share other cherished memories.

Incorporating a Loved One’s Memory into Life’s Big Events

When getting married, graduating college, passing a milestone birthday or having a child – it can be comforting to feel that your lost loved one is a part of your joy and celebration. Setting up a table or small photograph and candle at the celebration can be a wonderful way to have their spirit and influence represented.

Many people also personalize these tributes by carrying or wearing something that belonged to a departed loved one. Whether it’s a “something borrowed” piece of keepsake jewelry or a treasured trinket kept in a pocket – being able to hold and have an item that was important to your loved one is a deeply meaningful way to honor their contributions to your life and accomplishments.

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If you are looking for more personal, touching, and respectful ways to honor the memory and life of your loved one, contact Southern Cremations & Funerals by filling out our online contact form. We offer a number of mausoleums, cremation gardens, and other memorial options so you and your family always have a calm and serene place to honor and remember your loved one.